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AGA Sports is a full-service design and imprinting firm that provides customizable souvenir apparel at sporting events across the nation. We design event logos and create uniquely-printed garments for athletes and their families.

Here's how we do it:


We hand-pick our apparel for each event from some of the most respected manufacturers in the field. We don’t just do your average white tee, we offer exotic tie-dyes, sweaters, and other apparel — all while taking logo and apparel color combinations into careful consideration.


We work with event managers to develop and fine-tune logos that compel and excite. Our experienced artists take care to produce a creative and memorable designs. We also offer a variety of generic designs and logotypes for each sport.


We don’t just come with a bunch of ready-made shirts to the event, we offer every customer a chance to customize any of their garments their own way: with athletes’ names, place prints, and a variety of other event-specfic and generic designs.

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