Thank you for your purchase!

We hope you love your new customized apparel and wear it for years to come! However, if you are having an issue with your newly-purchased garment or have questions about proper care, please consult our Customer Frequently Asked Questions below. If your issue is not adaquately addressed, please contact us at the email or phone number listed below.


Customer FAQ

1. How do I wash and dry my new apparel?

Just like you would any normal shirt. The imprinted designs on your garment should stay on for years, whether or not you bleach your tee in hot water and hot-dry it after. Just follow the care instructions on the tag and you should be fine. If the ink is beginning to “peel” or is visibly not withstanding standard care, please see “How do I make an exchange or return” below. If you are concerned about possible shrinkage, we recommend to wash in cold water and allow your garment to hang-dry.

2. My garment shrunk! What do I do?

A possible quick fix is to rinse your apparel with cold water and allow it to hang dry. If this does not work and your garment is still very shrunken, and you were not warned about how the product was not pre-shrunk when you bought it, please consult “How do I make an exchange or return” below.

3. How do I make an exchange or return?

Generally, we do not do exchanges or returns unless the product is defective. If you think that your product may be defective, please take a picture and email it to us along with your request for an exchange. Our staff will definitely try to work something out.

4. Can I buy more apparel after the end of the event?

As of right now, we do not do online orders for most events. However, you may call us at the phone number above and place an order by phone. The cost for shipping and handling is $5.