Thank you for your interest!

If you would like to see a proposal from AGA Sports, please contact us at either the email or toll-free number below. Please note that due to scheduling limitations and other factors, we are not able to offer proposals for every sporting event that is brought to us.


Event Host FAQ

1. What can AGA SPORTS do for my event?

To put it simply, we design your event’s logo sell customizable souvenir apparel at your event — at no cost. Additionally, we pay the event organizers (you) a percentage of sales and/or guaranteed fee (which is agreed upon in our service contract).

2. What will you need from us?

We usually ask to be provided with tables and power, although this can depend on the location and the host’s access to these resources. We do ask that our vending location be placed close to the action and areas of high foot traffic. Additionally, if your event pre-registers the participants, we ask that the teams and names of the athletes are delivered to us at least 3-5 business days before the event.

3. What is your process for logo creation?

While we are sometimes given free reign to create our logos, we usually prefer to work with the event coordinator to get a sense of how the host prefers their event to represented. We ask for input on colors, imagery, symbols, and any other ideas a director might have that could guide our design process. We usually do not present sketches or mockups, but rather our recommendation in a final form. If necessary, we go through revisions or new designs before artwork is approved.

4. How is this better than doing this myself?

There are several ways that partnering with us has its advantages:

  • More revenue for the hosts
  • More options for customers
  • Better customer service
  • Higher quality creative work

5. Will customers be able to order their apparel after the end of the event?

At this time we do not do after-event sales for most events, although we are looking to set that up in the coming months. Stay tuned!